Phone text danger! – Flubot

Phone text danger! – Flubot

As most everyone knows, cyber-crime has increased massively over the last year or two. Dodgy emails have been the weapon of choice for criminals.  But now a new threat is growing, catching out victims via SMS text messages on our phones.

Flubot, having done the rounds of European countries has arrived in Australia and I’m getting plenty of dodgy text messages wanting me to click on a link to listen to a voicemail message.

Find out what happens if you tap…


Using Outlook on Other Devices

Using Outlook on Other Devices

Using Outlook on other devices is very easy and will help you have convenient access to your email inbox.

Microsoft Outlook has lots of features that help you organise your work and personal life with the barrage of emails that flood in daily.

Most are familiar with using the Outlook desktop app, but away from your usual PC or Mac, you can still have access to Outlook.

Open any internet browser and browse Here you can log in with your email address and password.

Access to other Microsoft 365 Apps

You’ll have access in the left-hand menu, to all of the Microsoft 365 apps that you have a license for, including Outlook. As Microsoft is pushing users to the cloud, you will find that you have many if not most of the features that you are used to with the desktop app.

When receiving email on your iPhone or Android phone, it’s best not to use the built-in email app but to download Microsoft Outlook. Your organisation should have set up security in Microsoft 365 so that your company emails and data on the phone can be controlled and remotely wiped if the phone is lost or stolen. All of your email accounts can be set up in Outlook so that you can easily see all emails.

A very recent addition by Microsoft is the ability to listen to your emails being read to you. This is great if you want to go hands-free and listen to and delete, archive, reply just with voice commands.

Here’s a short video on the new feature (it mentions Apple iOS but is now added to Android as well).

Now, you’ll be able to see that using Outlook on other devices will help you access your emails anywhere you go.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft products, please call at 1300 795105 and we can discuss options for your business needs.

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Keep your business running smoothly and your data safe and secure. We take care of all your technology needs so you can achieve your company’s dreams and objectives.

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Buying Tech in Time for Christmas

Buying Tech in Time for Christmas

Buying Tech for Christmas

Christmas time is back with us again.  The latest devices and gadgets are hitting store shelves just in time to keep up with the rush.  Magazines, television, and the web are brimming with advertisements and reviews of the latest tech your money can buy.

Before you rush out to buy the gadgets you’ve been waiting all year for, consider a few important questions before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Does This Technology Do What I need?

First, you must ask what problem you are trying to solve with a new piece of tech. The most important thing to consider is how adopting your new device will improve on what you had before.

In some cases, a sleek new gadget or device for fun is good too.

When you’ve answered this question, you should consider whether there is other tech or competing devices out there that can perform even better.

Should I Become an Early Adopter?

Early adopters are people that anticipate the release of new tech, wait in line on release day, and pride themselves on having the latest gadgets to hit the shelves.  If you recognize yourself in this description you are likely to snap up the latest devices the day they are released.  This eager anticipation, however, is not always the way to get the best deals or the best gadgets.

Companies often rely on new product hype to give sales an early boost.  Waiting for the marketing and hype to subside, even a little, can save you a lot of money.

After initial sales fall, companies often mark down their prices to keep their devices attractive and sales high.  When newer, faster, sleeker devices hit the market, companies cut prices to maintain strong sales figures.   For the budget smart consumer this is an opportunity for a bargain. A device good enough to buy on launch day is well worth waiting for.

Have I checked The Reviews?

We are fortunate enough to have access to seemingly unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips.  Often weeks before a product is released, reviews are available across the web.

One of the best things you can do when considering a new device, particularly a high-cost purchase, is to watch and read a wide variety of product reviews.  It pays to be cautious of reviews that are particularly glowing, or too downbeat.  Keep an eye out for middle of the road reviews that fairly weigh the pros and cons of each device.

Have I Found the Best Deal?

There are many ways to keep an eye out to make sure you get the best deal on your device.  If you can, monitor prices over time to see how they rise and fall to find the best time to purchase.

When purchasing online, many sites include a box to add a coupon code when you are ready to buy.  It sometimes pays to jump over to Google and search the website name and ‘coupon’ or ‘voucher’ to find out if there are any good deals on.

A quick search can save you as much as 10, 15, or 20 percent on some purchases. Sometimes companies send out offers to appeal to groups they want to market to.  A companies Facebook page may get different offers or vouchers than its Twitter followers or newsletter for example.

It can pay to search around for offers and vouchers to get money off before you checkout.  Five minutes work can save huge amounts of cash.

Purchase in Confidence

If you have asked yourself these questions, done all your research, and found the answers you’re looking for then you may well be ready to buy.

You can do so with the confidence that you’ve done all your homework and you’re getting the best deal and gadget for your money.