As most everyone knows, cyber-crime has increased massively over the last year or two. Dodgy emails have been the weapon of choice for criminals.  But now a new threat is growing, catching out victims via SMS text messages on our phones.

Flubot, having done the rounds of European countries has arrived in Australia and I’m getting plenty of dodgy text messages wanting me to click on a link to listen to a voicemail message.

Find out what happens if you tap…

If you tap on the message, you will be taken to a legitimate-looking website.  The site prompts you to install an app so that you can listen to the message. Once you install the malware and your phone is infected, it will access your contacts list and send itself to all of them. It can access your personal information including banking details, so is particularly dangerous.

The malware app is particularly difficult to remove. Some have had to factory reset their phone.  So this is another reason to make sure that your phone is always backed up.

The Flubot text messages have bad grammar and spelling as you can see from the screenshot, so they are easy to pick if you are alert.  But this is probably just the start. Expect more sophisticated bait in the future.

If your phone is not controlled by your IT department make sure that you have some protection installed such as ‘Lookout’ which can be installed from the Google PlayStore.

Although Flubot only infects Android phones but stay awake to possible threats coming to your iPhone.

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