Optus Cyber Attack – Customers Beware

Recently, Optus suffered a significant cyber breach with personally identifiable information of millions of customers stolen.

This information includes passport numbers, license details, DOB, phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses which could be used for fraud and identity theft.

Although Optus has not confirmed or denied, it appears that a database of 1.1 million Optus customers’ names, email addresses, and mobile numbers have been offered for sale since September 17th.

If you are a current or former customer of Optus please be vigilant.
Watch out for scams. Make sure that you take all of the recommended security precautions.

Here is the media release from Optus.

Optus Cyber Attack – Customers Beware

Have you got your critical accounts protected with MFA (multi function authentication)?

Do not trust phone calls where the person claims to be from Optus or any other organisation if they are asking for information from you.

Here’s a great checklist from CyberCX:
Security advice for individuals following Optus data breach

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