Danger – Multi Factor Authenticator Fatigue!

Being educated on cyber security basics is essential.

The recent hack of Uber shows how crucial being aware of social engineering techniques is for all of us.

The hacker who claimed to be 18 years old claimed that he was able to access Uber’s systems through an employee. Although he had the employee’s password, he was blocked by Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). He then phoned the employee claiming to be from Uber IT department. The employee was told that he should accept the MFA challenge on his phone (the constant messages asking him to verify the login). The employee complied and the criminal gained access.

Multi Factor Authenticator Fatigue

Image credit from Avatier

Multi Factor Authenticator (MFA) Fatigue attacks are when a cyber-criminal has access to login details but is blocked from access to the account by multi-factor authentication. The criminal tries multiple logins, each of which generates a text asking for verification until the victims become tired of seeing the messages and finally accepts the notification.

This social engineering tactic has become very popular in recent attacks against well-known companies, including Twitter, MailChimp, Robinhood, and Okta.

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