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Business Cyber Security Guide

The Essential Business Security Guide Your Company Needs to strengthen your cyber security defence. So many companies don’t take security seriously until they are affected by a breach. We know that you want to improve your defences against cyber security threats.

We hope that you will get value from our eBook and that you are able to improve your defences.

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One particular article is about an app that may be of interest to you too.

It’s a Microsoft app that I use daily to digitise paper receipts and make them immediately available to my bookkeeper. It’s useful for many other purposes, grabbing a quick picture of written material with better control than taking a photo.

Check out our blog post on Office Lens. You might find it useful too.

We hope that you have managed to strengthen your cyber defences. You can never fully defend against attacks, but every defense measure helps.

It’s been in the news, so you probably know that war in Ukraine has led to an even greater volume of threats.

Being alert and educating your staff to be vigilant is very important as criminals use social engineering techniques to gain access to a business or individual so that they can steal or make ransom demands.

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So you don’t have a robust internal IT team?

We are an IT managed services company dedicated to assisting businesses to take advantage of the new ‘Modern Workplace’ made possible through cloud technology.

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Graeme Pascoe

I help businesses streamline their technology to support business success. Consolidating your technology offers several benefits to companies of all sizes. A managed service provider can help identify and implement the best ways to maximise technology in your business.

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