The use of new technologies which are rapidly appearing in Office 365 and other software could streamline or even revolutionise business practices in many industries. But the sheer speed of change means that many organisations have no idea that some of these options exist. The ease with which businesses can access software via subscription makes for a more level playing field with small business being able to utilise applications previously only viable for large organisations.

Many organisations are realising huge benefits using some or all of these services. You can access online many case studies of businesses improving their systems and staff collaboration. Read how Yammer was used to bring staff together and provide excellent customer service at Gatwick Airport during the Olympic Games, or watch how Suncorp (a large Queensland business) is utilising Yammer, hot-desking and flexible workplace practices to maximise team collaboration and provide an inviting workplace.

Enterprise grade email systems, with the ability to control the transmission of sensitive company data.  Skype for Business for instant messaging, video conferencing or sharing desktops for collaboration or training. SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Forms and so many more apps make Office 365 a valuable tool for businesses large and small.

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