How Do You Keep Lost or Stolen Devices Safe?

It’s only a matter of time before an employee’s smartphone, laptop, or tablet goes missing. It might even be YOUR work device that’s lost or stolen.

There are approximately 70 million lost smartphones every year.

How many get recovered? Only 7% of them.

Just 2% of stolen laptops are recovered. Each laptop has a 1 in 10 chance of being stolen.

Keep Lost or Stolen Devices Safe

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

You can lose much more than just an expensive piece of hardware if a work mobile phone goes missing. Mobile devices are just as connected to business information as desktop computers. Can your company break that connection if a device is lost or stolen?

Do you even know all the employee phones, laptops, and tablets logging into your stuff? Without foresight, your sensitive data can be floating out there for anyone to steal. Each lost device gives the thief the “keys to the kingdom” (which in this case is your business network).

Stop thinking that security will just magically take care of itself or is too hard and complicated. This is how companies go under from the costs of a cyber attack. Take precautions proactively, like using a mobile device manager or cloud access security broker.

“Wait…Cloud access… what?”

Not sure what that is? We can help. And it won’t cost you a fortune to keep lost or stolen devices safe.

Contact us and let’s discuss ways to reduce your risk from unsecured mobile devices.

Graeme Pascoe

I help businesses streamline their technology to support business success. Consolidating your technology offers several benefits to companies of all sizes. A managed service provider can help identify and implement the best ways to maximise technology in your business.