In part one of our series on network security, we discussed the dangers of an insecure network and how businesses can suffer major breaches and resulting losses without proper security. Now, we’re going to tell you the best way to keep your network secure.

Small businesses are the most popular targets for cyber criminals, largely because their business networks tend to be less secure.

Australia averaged 1.5 data breaches per day between February 22 and March 30, 2018.

Data breaches are a worldwide issue for companies and one that governments are acting upon. In February of 2018, the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme was enacted requiring reporting of breaches. In that first period of roughly 5 weeks, 63 breaches were reported.

With more responsibility put on businesses via non-compliance fines, having a secure data network for your company is more important than ever before.

That’s where The Modern Workplace by Prima Technologies comes in. We help companies find the best and most cost-effective cybersecurity tools to protect both their network and their livelihood.

Our Network Security Team has years of experience with viruses, malware, malicious hacks and more, and the best defense we’ve found for robust security is a next-generation firewall (NGFW).

Let’s discuss what they are and how one can help secure your network and data.

What is a Next-Generation Firewall?

Most people have heard the term “firewall” but aren’t sure how a next-generation firewall differs. What it is, is really a 3rd generation of the firewall with a lot more capability and ability to detect and block more sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.

Features that you’ll find with this advanced network protection include:

  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Deep traffic packet inspection
  • SSL inspection for encrypted traffic
  • Block malware before it enters the network
  • Application awareness
  • Integrated security management

The main job of the next-generation firewall is to detect, block, and report attacks to your network by enforcing security measures at several levels for both hardware and software.

Next-Generation Firewalls Can Help Your Business in These 5 Essential Ways

No business wants to be the target of a breach to their network, but they also need something that’s going to make sense for their business size and budget.

Security, quality, and affordability are all key factors that The Modern Workplace by Prima Technologies looks at when suggesting a next-generation firewall for a client. We can get one set up quickly and expertly to give you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Here are the ways this type of security appliance can help your company.

Better Security

If you’ve got a 1st generation firewall that you think may be working just fine, you could be giving yourself a false sense of security. Older firewalls don’t have the ability to detect the newest and more advanced threats.

Next-generation firewalls are designed to inspect traffic at a deeper level and to block malware that older firewalls can’t. They also provide real-time inspection to stop threats before they cause harm.

All-In-One Solution

Next-generation firewalls bundle multiple security protocols into a single platform and can replace several different security appliances. They handle the traditional firewall functions, as well as intrusion prevention, antivirus, and protocol filtering.

This also means a cost savings and lower total cost of ownership because one application is able to handle security tasks that used to take several.

Easier Management

You won’t have to manage a next-generation firewall from each individual computer or device, it’s engineered to give you easier central management than other types of security platforms. You can monitor and update multiple devices from a single console.

Smart Application Awareness

Older firewalls would block threats using common application ports. But, in today’s world, multiple applications use various ports, making network connections more complex than they were over a decade ago.

Next-generation firewalls have application awareness that is intelligent enough to know what an application is sending or receiving, not just at the port level. This allows you greater control to block certain applications or functions. For example, you could block Facebook Messenger, while still allowing access to your company Facebook page.

Faster Network Speed

Older firewall and antivirus software solutions would often slow down a company network due to multiple devices being used for security, making your security cost you in productivity. That’s not the case with next-generation firewalls.

Since you’re using a single appliance to handle multiple security tasks, your network speed is much faster, but also secure.

If you haven’t yet read part one of our network security series, you’ll want to check that out to learn the risks of an insecure network.

Questions About Business Network Security?

Do you have questions about the best network security approach for your business? Would you like to learn more about next-generation firewalls?

The Modern Workplace by Prima Technologies can answer all your security questions! Just drop us a line online or give us a call at 1300 795 105.