Earlier this year the .au domain name was announced. So now, as well as Australian domain names ending in .com.au or .net.au, etc. the shorter .au name will be available.

.AU Domains Available – Get Yours Now

.AU Domains Available

In early October the .au domain suffix will become publicly available on a first come first served basis.

However, until 20 September there is a ‘priority allocation’ period, prior to the public launch.

That means that in this period the existing registrant only, of a domain name such as mycompany.com.au will be able to apply for the equivalent mycompany.au domain name.

Should you consider applying for a .au domain before it’s publicly available?

It’s easier to remember and faster to type. Australian domain names show up higher in local search engine results.

But also grabbing a .au domain name in this priority allocation period ensures that no one else can register that name. It affords brand protection.

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Let me know if you would like help registering your .au domain name.

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